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  • Equipment
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  • Auction House
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  • World Bosses


Welcome to the Official FightRPG Wiki!

You can find here all the information you need for your trip in this Textual MMORPG.

Support Server

If this wiki is not enough for you, or if you want to talk and participate in the development of the bot, you can join our Discord server. You will find different channels, either voice or text. The server also includes channels with the bot changelog, extra information about World Bosses and a list containing all bot commands from ::help.

Read the #rules channel carefully before doing anything. Failure to follow these rules may result in a ban.

The #bot-commands channel lists in English the commands you can use.

The #changelog channel allows you to have more information about updates.


First of all you need to add the bot to your server to play.

If you have just started you must absolutely read our Starter Guide!

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